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Hello, we are the Turtles and Hedgehogs of Poke Sushi LOVE. 💕

If you like, we can explain to you the Soul from which is from the Idea of our project.
Environmental and social sustainability, for a company like ours, today means the efficient use of resources, protection of biodiversity, reduction of pollution. With our suppliers we are fully committed on three fronts:

  • Investment in environmentally friendly technologies
  • Introduction of cleaner and less energy-intensive production systems
  • “ Ethical “ behaviors. We want to think of turnover differently.

We’re entering the Food Revolution, Good for you, Good for the planet.

We have to correlate the behaviors of Life and Future: the pleasure of being at the table and the planet’s future must walk together.
Food revolution is a style change; food must be 3 minutes of Joy when you eat it, 3 hours of Well Being when you digest it and Health Preservation in the following 30 years.

Moreover, we work for Social Sustainability within our team, in order to pay the right attention to everyone, to create an inclusive working community without any discrimination, where we take care of each other, one is judged by the facts and where there are the right rewards.
To be, finally, Builders of Harmony for us and for our customers.

Because we like to make Love. 💕



We deliver all over Rome quickly and safely. Thanks to our 4 stores in Rome we can be with you within 30 minutes from the order, the time of an orgasm.

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PokéLove is not just a brand but much more.
The sound of our name immediately evokes intimate atmospheres, great past and future stories and events where passion is the undisputed protagonist.
Why, you would say, bother such a disruptive feeling as passion?
Because this is exactly PokéLove: pure love for food and its customers. Three decisive factors generate curiosity and fidelity in our followers: Sensuality-Intimacy-Pleasure. All these features make up the essential ratio of our story because PokéLove is a story not a mere consumer product.


  • Sauces

Three sauces, three different worlds to explore and make customers know meticulously. Make love, sport and diet with PokéLove because a good meal does not have to be rich in fat and calories. If you’re looking for a night full of passion do not go to the pharmacy, but try the magic taste of our Love Sauce at the root of Rhizoma that with its aphrodisiac powers is able to give magic touch to your evening.

  • Taste

Our taste evokes wild but elegant experiences, our Poké are fiery red Ferraris that can be purchased by everyone. Anyone should enjoy the explosiveness of our flavors. What distinguishes us from our competitors? The narration of our activity because in the digital age we first look, photograph and then eat. And last but not least, we make love.

  • Ingredients

Colorful, fresh, raw, vegetarian, sea-flavored, dreamlike, aphrodisiac, dietetic, kind but brave.

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  • Companies conventions

Choose PokéLove also for your business lunches and share the taste of love with your colleagues, stimulate creativity and working hours with a Poké or Rolls of love, to create perfect relationships even in the office.

  • Catering 

What is a party without Love? Not a party! Make your celebrations aphrodisiac with PokéLove, you can use us to make your guests fall in love or to ingratiate relatives with our sauces.
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